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rpggurleli in my_veronaville

The Capp Manor ~ 001

Consort Capp knows that he's nearing the end and that the family estates will be left to the new teenage generation. Consort suspencts that Juliette is going to get herself into trouble with her crush on Romeo and Hermia has become increasingly quiet. Tybalt has his eye on the prize though and has a formula for success, but will he be able to do everything he wants and have it work out for the best?

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Juliette has fallen for Romeo Monty. He's witty, charming, and taboo, making him perfect. But when Tybalt and Hermia find out about their romance they are less than surprised and even make an attempt to bury the hatchet that has kept the town divided for a generation.

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But as Juliette thinks about it, she's not surprised they accepted Romeo so easily. They are very close since their parents died.

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But Romeo wasn't able to get away from a "If you hurt Juliette..." threat from Tybalt.

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In the mean time, Consort went through his life crisis and bought his dream car. He also called Patrizio Monty to try to calm the waters. (Hermia had told him of Juliette's love of Romeo.) The phone call was actually well received and he was even able to talk to Isabella for a spell.

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And Hermia caught the kitchen on fire. Bad Hermia.

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Tybalt start launching his plan to one up Mercutio Monty and start mackin' on the maid. She was pretty and would make a good trophy wife. But that was for later, for now, he needed a girlfriend his own age. So a professional was called.

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Tybalt's dream date was just that, a dream. He might be falling in love. But would that ruin his plans?

Next Update: Time passing, college, and a new addition?



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